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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Grexit" rears its ugly head as Greek elections approach

Concerns about the upcoming Greek election has raised concerns about the possibility of Greece exiting the Euro, in the midst of concerns about deflation in the Eurozone. German Chancellor Angela Merkel raised eyebrows when she said she was open to the possibility of Greece exiting the Eurozone:

Grexit Grumblings: Germany Open to Possible Greek Euro Zone Exit

Greek Roulette: What Would Syriza's Victory Mean for Europe?

Alexis Tsipras is the head of Greece's opposition Syriza party, which stands a good chance of winning snap elections on Jan. 25. "On Tuesdays the euro, on Fridays the drachma," his opponents have said sneeringly of his contradictory statements.

The Euro Crisis Is Entering A New, Highly Dangerous Phase

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Eurozone economy slows further

Mario Draghi and Angela Merkel Mario Draghi has said the ECB has "stepped up" its plans to act to prop up inflation in the eurozone

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Germany celebrates 25 years since the fall of the Berlin wall

Twenty-five years ago I was a recent college grad who had studied international relations and US-Soviet relations. The events of November 9, 1989 were completely unexpected and would lead to the end of the cold war that had defined the world of my generation up to that point. It would be a few years later in 1995 that I would visit Berlin for the first time, and the wall was still very much in evidence. The Reichstag had not been restored, and there were construction sites everywhere as the country scrambled to rebuild areas of the city that had been part of the no man's land that was the wall. This included areas like Potsdamer Platz that are now centers of culture and the new Berlin. I have been privileged to visit Berlin many times since the 1990s and have been impressed with its growth as well as the commitment to remembering all of the past. November 9-10 also marks the anniversary of kristallnacht in 1938 when the Nazi's attacked Jewish neighborhoods and business, intensifying efforts to end the presence of Jews in Europe through genocide. The recently completed Topography of Terror is a testament to that history. I post pictures and commentary from my most recent trip to Berlin last June in my personal blog.

Berlin Wall: Thousands of balloons released to mark fall

The word peace is projected on to the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. 9 Nov 2014

Workers lay bricks